Dear Sobloo users and visitors, 2023 is a year of change : Sobloo is now turning into a pure API data access service called extenSO.

With this API, you will be able to access all Sentinel data and more (Landsat, Spot World Heritage and more coming), through one single API, and get delivered directly to your own S3 bucket … wherever it is …

What does it means for you ?

  • No longer GUI, just an API mode for Search and Download :
    1. Simply provide your AOI, time range and collection name to retrieve the product Id, metadata and quicklooks available.
    2. Work quietly with it until you know which actual products you need and we’ll take care of their downloading for you. Including retries.
    3. Get delivered into the S3 bucket you want.

  • Your Sobloo API key remains valid and you can also use Airbus’ OneAtlas API key.

  • If you already have a Sobloo domain on Flexible Engine (Orange Cloud) : nothing changes, nothing to do !

  • You keep your tenant as it is. And you will be able to benefit from extenSO and get delivered into your Flexible Engine bucket.

  • Are you already on another public cloud ? Then you can benefit from extenSO for data access and get delivered in your existing S3 bucket

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