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API Offer

APIs to build from

A suite of OGC-compatible web services and more available from day one


API name


OpenSearch API

Catalogue OGC open search


Catalogue Search Web service (OGC)

REST search

REST catalogue open search API (sobloo specific)    


Web map tile service (OGC)

Plain File Download    

Plain file (native format) download service

*WMTS API Streaming capacity with access to on-the-fly data flow (data stored and accessed
by tiles to optimize access performances) is available for Sentinel 2 L1C


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APIs to build from…what’s next

A collective list of APIs to be enriched over time by the sobloo community

  • For you…to search quickly, to download fast, to build easily, to integrate seamlessly into your applications
  • Third-parties APIs coming soon
  • Promote your API to other developers in the sobloo community


API Name



Web feature service (OGC)


Web map service (OGC)


Web coverage service (OGC)

Notification API    

Retrieve notification on user data subscriptions

Data warming

Bring specific data online to speed up your processing