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Billing as a Service

To help you focus on what you do best, discover our billing and rating service.

Our service offers a complete solution designed to give users a flexible platform from which to launch their billing and rating services, including innovative pricing plans. The service includes catalogue, rating and billing, customer management, invoicing and reporting features.
The sobloo billing and rating service is a fully flexible pay-per-use billing system SaaS taking full advantage of your new sobloo infrastructure.

You will be able to continuously develop new offers thanks to a straightforward rating and billing solution, as well as update and prepare new pricing plans. And, of course, bill your own services in the quickest and easiest way.

Going beyond generic billing services, you will be able to develop your own innovative pricing plan, including:

  • Recurring fixed or variable subscriptions/fees (pro rata/full period, in advance/on invoice)
  • One-off charges, including one-time and special fees for product initiation and termination
  • Multi-criteria product rating rules based on easy to use formulas
  • Pay-per-use with different tariffs or plans, pricing thresholds and caps
  • Special offers and discount schemes
  • Bundled offers and packages.
Billing and Rating Service


How does it work?

The sobloo billing and rating services is hosted directly in our secure and robust cloud. It is based on a ‘pay-per-use’ model where the cost varies depending on the volume of your business. Pay-per-use charges decrease as your business activity increases so that your total cost of ownership remains under control.
You have the flexibility to define the pricing plans you want and the autonomy you need to define new offers and pricing models with as many parameters as you wish.

sobloo billing and rating services key characteristics

  • Highly secure architecture – encryption, authentication and permissions management
  • Data protection - data isolation and replication, in line with EU data protection regulation
  • Full scalability to support your business growth
  • Integration with web services to provide a seamless experience for your customers
  • A dedicated support team committed to resolve any technical queries or issues with SLAs

Focus on what you do best, on customer acquisition and loyalty, while we guarantee high performance underpinned by strong SLAs.


How is our service delivered?

The sobloo billing and rating services is a Software-as-a-Service model that can be implemented on request. To get it up and running quickly and seamlessly we can offer

  • Configuration of your instance
  • Configuration of your invoice templates
  • Support and consulting to facilitate your integration.