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Desktop "sobloo"

A smart access to your development environment!

In a browser window, the sobloo Desktop offers a wide collection of graphical tools for users to take advantage of.
The most common browsers are supported such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Deployed on the sobloo cloud, right next to the data, it ensures maximum download speed.

The sobloo Desktop, tools out of the box:

• Processing environment: ESA Snap 6.0, BRAT 4.1.0, OTB 6.4.0, Sen2Cor

• GIS solution: Qgis 2.18

• GDAL 2.2 support

• Development platform: Eclipse Neon with C, C++, Java, Python

• Scientific computation: scilab, GNU Octave, Snaphu …

• Jupyter notebook

• Rstudio


Install your own favourite tools as well!

The sobloo Desktop is based on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenia) and, of course, users can become root to install any tools/library they would need. All the necessary documentation to do so is available in a dedicated folder on the sobloo Desktop.


If you wish to order some of the above, please contact us.


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