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A common architecture for all Sentinel processing needs!

The SNAP architecture is ideal for Earth Observation processing and analysis due to the following technological innovations: Extensibility, Portability, Modular Rich Client Platform, Generic EO Data Abstraction, Tiled Memory Management, and a Graph Processing Framework.

Feature Highlights:

  • Common architecture for all Toolboxes
  • Very fast image display and navigation even of giga-pixel images
  • Graph Processing Framework (GPF): for creating user-defined processing chains
  • Advanced layer management allows adding and manipulation of new overlays such as images of other bands, images from WMS servers or ESRI shapefiles
  • Rich region-of-interest definitions for statistics and various plots
  • Easy bitmask definition and overlay
  • Flexible band arithmetic using arbitrary mathematical expressions
  • Accurate reprojection and ortho-rectification to common map projections,
  • Geo-coding and rectification using ground control points
  • Automatic SRTM DEM download and tile selection
  • Product library for scanning and cataloguing large archives efficiently
  • Multithreading and Multi-core processor support
  • Integrated WorldWind visualisation


Use it in your own processing chain!

SNAP is already available out-of-the-box in the sobloo desktop but can also be downloaded here

One can also find in sobloo public source code repository examples of processors using SNAP. Have a look to: