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sobloo SDK (EODAG)


A fast and easy access to sobloo APIs through python SDK !

The sobloo python SDK is built upon the EODAG ( project. It is an open source SDK that eases the access to Earth Observation data from multiple sources. A specific configuration has been setup to allow using sobloo APIs within EODAG.

Feature Highlights:

  • List product types: list of supported products and their description
  • Search products (by product type) : searches products according to the search criteria provided
  • Download products : download product “as is”
  • Authentication plugin that supports JWT tokens (API KEY)

Use it in your own python code!
sobloo SDK is free and open source and available on Pypi. Simply install it by issuing the following commands on a shell:

python -m pip install eodag


A complete description on how to install and configure it is available in the sobloo gitlab at:

sobloo SDK documentation is available at:
Various examples are available in sobloo gitlab: