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Atmosphere (CAMS)

The Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Services (CAMS) provide continuous information and data on the composition of the atmosphere. The service describes the current situation, provides forecasts a few days ahead and analyses retrospective data records for recent years.

Applications domains supported by CAMS include health, environmental monitoring, renewable energy, meteorology and climatology.

The service focuses on the global atmospheric composition by monitoring and forecasting components such as greenhouse gases, reactive gases, ozone and aerosols. CAMS provides reliable near-real-time analysis of the European air quality, enabling a permanent assessment and accurate information on the solar radiation resources for public and private organisations involved in solar energy usage.

In November 2014, the European Commission signed a Delegation Agreement with ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast) for the implementation of thise service. It has been operational since July 2015.