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Improve services and events using mobility data

You are looking for easy-to-use geo-marketing information? Flux Vision by Orange makes it possible to instantly process – anonymously and GDPR-compliant – mobile data from networks into dashboards.

Flux Vision is an innovative solution that offers precise data to improve your knowledge on customers by analyzing population flows in real time.
The algorithms used by Flux Vision are compliant with EU laws, and guarantee irreversible anonymization by deleting all personal data, making it impossible to identify a person.

Analyze population flow data

  • Measure overall attendance
  • Analyze the geographical origin of your visitors
  • Analyze the behavior segment of your visitors

Translate data into business insights

  • Boost marketing efficiency by using data to adapt and target communications.
  • Identify the improvements necessary for an increased footfall.
  • Increase location appeal according to peak activity.
  • Know when and where to offer which appropriate services for an improved return on investment.

Improve offers and services

  • Manage resources accurately and efficiently
  • Control spending
  • Improve accommodation and transportation offers according to how people move around
  • Address security issues while improving attendee comfort

Customizable to best suit your business

  • Several sectoral variations are available: tourism, transport, shopping centre, airport, etc.
  • Customized options can refine the statistics provided to enhance your operational efficiency and customer insight.


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