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Mobile Data


Enrich your services with mobile data delivery

Do you want to evaluate visitor traffic and understand where your customers come from?
From the technical information of Orange's mobile network, Flux Vision provides statistical indicators of attendance, origin and movement.

The algorithms used by Flux Vision guarantee irreversible anonymization by removing all personal data and making identification impossible.

From right now, click here to see a concrete example of use of Flux Vision for Metropolitan France :


Analysis of population movements with Flux Vision

Tool for analyzing population flows

Accurate statistics on mobility patterns

Statistics available 24/7


Flux Vision use cases studies & advantages

Health Sector

Adjust your organization

  • Manage food supplies based on the number of patients
  • Size your reception staff according to the flow of patient visitors

Adapt your infrastructure

  • Match the parking offer with the number of visitors
  • Arrange the reception according to the flow of visitors.

Improve your patients' knowledge 

  • Optimize in-depth knowledge of your patients to tailor entertainment and wellness services 

Measure yourself against the local competition (private clinic)

  • Compare your infrastructure with the competition to determine where improvements can be made.


Tourism Sector

Measure the attractiveness of your tourist resort

  • See the evolution of the flows throughout the day.
  • Determine the number of departures / arrivals

Adjust your organization and infrastructure 

  • Sizing your reception staff, supplies and security devices according to the peak periods.
  • Arrange accommodation and transport infrastructure

Optimize your knowledge of visitors

  • Segment your visitors according to their behavior and close provenance: residents / tourists
  • Match your services according to the socio-demographic profile of your visitors

Improve your marketing and communication actions

  • Measure the impact of your marketing and communication actions by analyzing the number and type of visitors finally present.
  • Adapt your communication actions according to the observed visitors

Transport Sector

Evaluate the relevance of your current transport offer

  • Determine the importance of the flow of people from A point to B point in relation to the offer currently in place.
  • Identify peak and off-peak times of traffic

Improve your service offering

  • Creating or arranging transmission lines using the Origin / Destination matrix
  • Optimize your schedules according to traffic flows 

Anticipate the cultural events impact

  • Adapt transportation services on an ad hoc basis
  • Sizing the staff accordingly beforehand

Understand who are your users

  • Analyze the geographical origin
  • Segment your users via their socio-demographic profile

Territory Development

Promote commercial and economic development

  • Determine the dynamic zones and those to be dynamized
  • Define the best strategic locations

Communicate performance indicators to merchants

  • Adapt opening hours
  • Sizing up the staff
  • Manage the security device

Match the transport offer with the traffic flows observed

  • Measure attendance and travel patterns
  • Adjust the service offer

Adapt the public space according to the visitors

  • Understand the socio-demographic profile of visitors by neighborhood
  • Optimize cultural events and communication actions according to the type of visitors.

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