Clusters View


This view displays all the matching hits gathered in clusters which are localised on a geohash grid. Each cluster shows the local count of hits.

Features View


This view displays every feature using its actual geographical extent.


Main panels

Every panel in the application allows to see the distribution of the hits over several dimensions: temporal, geographical or technical dimensions, including means to restrain the scope of the exploration by setting a selection.

Thanks to these filters, th user can easily see and interact with the products.

Timeline Alt

This widget enables the user to see the temporal distribution of the exploration hits and also define a temporal selection. A begin and an end date can be set to specify the date range useful for the user.

Hits list Alt

On the right-hand side of the main view, a collapsible panel shows details on the exploration hits.

This panel has two representations: detailed hits and previewed hits.
The detailed hits representation is a table of the matching hits with main information displayed in columns. Every row in the table has an expansion button to open a sub-panel to show additional information of the product.
The previewed hits representation is a grid of the matching hits showing the thumbnail of each hit. When the user clicks on the thumbnail, a secondary panel opens to display the quick-look of the product.

Exploration tools Alt


Overall count Alt

This counter shows the total number of hits that fit the selection defined by the current selection of filters

This widget is designed to input free-text as filters. Every term available in the products meta-data is available for this kind of exploration. Each free-text filter is displayed with the associated count of hits.

Active filters bar Alt

This collapsible bar displays the current filters wherever in the application they are set and allows the user to have a summary of his current selection. Each filter can be disabled/enabled or removed from the current exploration.

Analytical widgets Alt

The Donut, the Swinlane, the Histogram or the Power Bars are interactive and allows to set filters and also displays the hit counts on each part of the graphical representation.


Special filters

To filter out data available locally in sobloo storage copy the following url in your browser:


Same to display only images available through WMTS API you can use: