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Authentication tutorial

For registering and authentication on sobloo


You can find on the top of the website this pictogram  with which you can connect.
Clic on it, and appears a new window that allows you to choose the type of account you can use to create your sobloo profile.

In this case, we see the Google Authentication.
Clic on this one.


At this step you interact directly with Google through a secured communication channel.
Google asks your email address you used to connect on your Google account, fill it and then clic "Next".


At the next step, enter your password. And clic "Next"


When the authentication succeeds, you are redirected to sobloo website.

The following window appears at first login and you can enter your information. If you wish, you can write another email address rather than those you used for your Google authentication.
Complete this form and finish by the clicking the "SAVE" button.


Then, your profile is registered when the "My Account" page appears with the message "Your personal data has been saved.".

Now you can entirely enjoy the visit!


Also, if you want to see again your "My Account" page or just "Sign Out", just put the mouse over the user pictogram to make your choice.


To create a new API KEY to connect to sobloo authenticated APIs, go to API Keys tab and clic on "Get a new key". You can remove an old key by clicking on the "X".