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Forest Cover Change

Copernicus as an asset to monitor Forest Cover Change with Starling

Companies and Public Institutions can now rely on highly accurate satellite imagery in their journey to curb deforestation.

Why Starling ?

Many companies and administrations have made ambitious forestry conservation commitments. Verifying these commitments is not an easy task. Stakeholders require frequent, reliable and objective data to determine where to take action 
Building on Copernicus Sentinel 2, Starling uses the best of what satellite technology can offer to provide an irrefutable means of reporting forestry changes and verifying sustainable sourcing independently.
Starling delivers easy-to-use intelligence through an intuitive digital platform. Its aim is to help you guide and accelerate decision-making on where and how to engage across supply chains.

Who We Are

The Starling team shares a vision for this unique forest monitoring service that combines cutting-edge technology and sharp market knowledge.

Airbus is a pioneer in the space industry. They are responsible for tasking their imaging satellites, pre-processing the imagery and distributing the service worldwide.

The Earthworm Foundation is a global non-profit organization. Their experts work between the boardroom and the field, helping to bring transformation in commodity supply chains, from the biggest brands to smaller producers.


Starling Service Overview



Reference layer with an unbiased description of forest classes and the land cover evolution.




Access around the clock forest cover change.




Visualise key information and create reports to share with stakeholders.



Key Features

COMMODITY DRIVEN : Relevant insights and information for each industry.
FIT FOR ACTION : Customised dashboard and deforestation alerts, meaningful analytics and evidence-based reporting tools.
GLOBAL MONITORING : Complete, precise and regular coverage of the supply chain.
EASY TO USE : Digital and interactive platform.


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