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Managed Middleware

The Managed Middlewares service provides you with complete management of your middleware(s), including server-related tasks, and optimization and upgrade activities.

The two main benefits of this service are:

  • Server Availability: This service guarantees the user that the middleware layer, including the server and the operating system, will be operational in accordance with the availability commitment defined in the SLA.
  • Management of the middleware including all the following software: 
    • Web server: Apache, IIS, Nginix, Squid.
    • Application Server: Tomcat, ASP.Net, PHP, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Sharepoint, Messaging MQ Series.
    • File Server: Windows File Server, Microsoft FTP Server, Linux File Server, NFS or Samba Linux File Server.
    • Server type Active directory
    • Performance Monitoring (on demand)
  • Change Management: Some administrative tasks such as patches, security maintenance, etc. are proactively performed by our engineering teams.

Many complementary Middlewares can also be taken into account by Orange, the user being able to supply and install his own versions of products while entrusting the supervision to Orange.