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Managed OS

The selected OS (Microsoft or Linux) are managed by Orange. The service provides full management of its operating system, including server-related tasks.

As an option, Orange offers complementary management services:

  • Backup and Restore allows you to back up and restore at the file level the contents of servers deployed on Flexible Engine. It is based on a professional backup platform available for all service customers, and is fully managed by Orange teams. This service complements the Volume Backup Service (VBS) provided with Flexible Engine, which uses snapshots and ensures that data is fully protected from corruption and loss.
  • Managed production plan uses the Visual TOM (VTOM) tool and allows to have an instantiation by application scheduling plan (production plan) and batch to execute.
  • Managed performance monitoring is based on the Witbe solution and results in a monthly service performance review report.

The main benefits of managing the backup and recovery service are:

  • Restore application data in a consistent state in the event of a major failure, to restart services with minimal data loss.
  • Restoring a file or a group of files in case of unwanted modification or accidental deletion.