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Managed Services

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Your applications and platform needs are evolving rapidly

Managed Applications is an offer of management of your services and your cloud applications by our experts. We offer a modular approach that allows you to choose the applications that you manage yourself and those you want to entrust us. Choose your applications, Middleware, OS and databases that you want to operate, we guarantee availability, security and performance.

Managed Applications provides services à la carte, relying on a large catalog of operating systems, Middlewares and databases as well as software and management tools.

Managed services can be ported to the various Orange infrastructure offers as well as the main public clouds (AWS, Azure).

  • Management of changes, incidents, Flexible Engine versions (security rules, evolution of virtual machines, etc.) is handled by the "Managed Applications" service.
  • The Console and Flexible Engine reporting in the Cloud Store are read-only.
  • The user delegates to Orange Business Services the responsibility for certain management tasks in his Managed environment.

Guaranteed SLA

Management services integrate

  • Antivirus Services: The default antivirus installed and enabled on Windows and Linux environments is Sophos. This antivirus scans and detects viruses, spyware and Trojans in real time when accessing the file.
  • Patch and update management for each managed software component.
  • Supervision of services: Orange is committed to monitoring the proper functioning of the solution's infrastructure and application components 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days. Any alert corresponding to a malfunction found by the supervision teams gives rise to the recording of an incident with the Help Desk. This centralizes the recording of all incidents detected on production environments.
  • DNS services (resolving Internet addresses and managing the user's public DNS entries)
  • NTP services (Orange provides an NTP server accessible to all services as a default time server)
  • A reporting service available on the Cloud Store customer portal
  • Security management with the "Qualys" tool.

Here are the main managed services proposed by our experts.