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Multiple network possibilities to secure your applications and optimize the flows between your different infrastructures.

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Virtual Private Cloud as a service
  • Elastic IP
  • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Direct connection service
  • Direct Connection to Business VPN Gallery

Virtual Private Cloud

Basis of your Individual Cloud

Virtual Private Clouds’ basic functions serve as a way to separate various users’ resources and network from each other. The VPC is required to create and connect the virtual machines. Users can build several VPCs and allocate their virtual machines and storage media there. Subnets and security groups can be added. Flexible Engine’s Software Defined Networking allows VPCs to be connected to other networks via DHCP services, what else?

Virtual Private Network as a Service

Secure your network connections over the internet

Virtual Private Network as a service is a function of the VPC which allows the creation of a secured IPSec tunnel or over the Internet to an external infrastructure. Its saves the effort of deploying and administrating dedicated appliances to create private interconnections and to establish Virtual Private clouds. The VPN are easily defined by using the Flexible Engine Console.

Elastic IP

Set up a public IP address

Many services need to be accessed from the internet: websites, online shops, vital data for customers, etc. With the Elastic IP Service, users can setup a public IP address for the Virtual Private Cloud, making services within the VPC available via the Internet.

Elastic Load Balancer

Improved performance due to automated traffic distribution

The Elastic Load Balance service monitors the load on the associated machines and automatically distributes incoming requests to the virtual servers. It deletes the “single points of failure”, ensures a balanced performance and improves the fault tolerance. This remains available to its users. The ELB can be coupled with the Auto-Scale service to adapt automatically to the processing load of incoming requests.

Direct Connection Service

The high performance connection to your enterprise datacenters

Orange provides various solutions for interconnecting customer’s enterprise datacenter to Direct Connection in order to offer End to End network connectivity solutions with performance and quality of service. Direct connection interconnects with other networking solutions towards customers datacenter. It provides a 10 gbps port connectivity to Flexible Engine cloud.

Direct Connection Service to Business VPN Galerie

Extend your Enterprise Private Cloud network to Flexible Engine

Direct Connection Service to Business VPN Galerie provides secured private cloud connectivity between Flexible Engine and customer’s Business VPN Galerie. This leads to efficient secured and high quality connectivity. To benefit from the end-to-end network solution, the user procures a Flexible Engine Direct Connection to BVPN Galerie and an BVPN Galerie solution from Orange Business Services.