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Climate Change & Environment

Knowledge about the state of the environment, and climate change in particular, is essential in order to establish and enforce mitigation policies as well as to react in disaster situations.

With sobloo, we offer access to both Earth observation data and key indicators to assess the environment’s state and the impacts of climate change.


Earth observation provides unique and consistent input to a sustainable development and plays a crucial role in understanding our planet through scientific excellence, commercial profitability and the effective achievement of social objectives.

Earth observation data is an invaluable input when it comes to improving the understanding of our planet, and to supporting sustainable development – for example through scientific excellence, commercial profitability and the fulfilment of social objectives.

Further, the availability of physical parameters of air and sea as well as other key indicators of climate change (e.g. carbon dioxide) enable an assessment of environmental impact (e.g. melting of glaciers and sea ice, sea level rise), and a consequential adaptation of environmental policies.


Discover the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)