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Insurance & Disaster Management

The impact of natural disasters such as flooding, forest fires, storms and earthquakes can be reduced through effective hazard management and mitigation. It is necessary to develop prediction models, monitor facilities and draft regulations & contingency plans.


Applied to natural or manmade disasters, Earth observation imagery is an effective tool to help prepare for and manage such crisis:

  • Quickly locate affected areas and map damages,
  • Gather, consolidate and disseminate information about the disaster to ensure efficient response,
  • Organise and optimise public safety and humanitarian aid missions.


Our data supports public authorities as well as the insurance sector, playing a key role in the definition of prevention models and post-event action planning. They help to:

  • Update disaster preparedness plans with newly identified hazard zones and emergency response plans,
  • Improve disaster prediction and simulation models,
  • Validate and calibrate risk models,
  • Produce indemnities indexes