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Other Services

Many other services such as:

  • Operation services : to simplify and automate the management of your infrastructure.
  • Security services : to protect against denial of service attacks.
  • PaaS services : directly accessible from the Flexible Engine.


Container as a Service (CCE)

Simplify your work with the cloud

With this service, users benefit from platform independence. Containers simplify deployment, resiliency, automation and application updates and reduce costs. CCE provides a graphical user interface and access to Docker Hubs' public resources to find middlewares, applications, and ready-to-use tools.

Relational Database as a Service

Manage your relational database (RDS)

Quickly deploy your databases in a stable, secure, scalable, reliable and easy to administer way. You can deploy duplicate and high availability databases in just a few clicks. Dedicated O&M tools provide disaster recovery, backup, monitoring and migration.

Map Reduce Service

Optimized Data Storage and Analysis with Big Data

Map Reduce Service is a reliable, secure and easy-to-use Big Data service. It leverages solutions such as Hadoop, Spark, HBase, or Hive to quickly create clusters that provide computing and storage resources for massive data analysis or real-time processing. Resources can be created and removed on the fly depending on the processing needed to optimize costs.


Simplify your work with the virtual office

Workspace is a virtual desktop that consists of CPUs, memory, disks, and Windows (OS) operating systems. It can be subscribed to the request and used anytime and anywhere. By using Workspace, workstations on the cloud can be easily configured and documents and applications can be accessed from any device.


APIs and Portability

Drive your Cloud via the Openstack APIs

OpenStack becomes a standard dedicated to public and private clouds. All of Flexible Engine's services offer open APIs with which users can integrate their applications and operations. The service offers a wide range of options: SaaS applications, automated integration, interaction of a Private Cloud with other environments. APIs are documented to facilitate developments.


Automate the deployment of your virtualized infrastructures

"HEAT" is a feature that allows you to realize, in an automated and configurable way, the entire deployment of a virtualized infrastructure (servers, routers, networks, volume, etc ...) by relying on the different APIs of the OpenStack modules.

Supervision & Monitoring 

Supervise your Flexible Engine cloud services

Benefit from an open monitoring service that tracks the consumption of the instances. The service offers real-time supervision and alerts you of incidents by email or SMS. Monitoring features allow you to automate certain behaviors of the infrastructure according to the solicitation of the servers.

Simple Message Notification

Receive your notifications by email, SMS or HTTP / HTTPS

Simple Message Notification is a service for sending and managing messages by e-mail, telephone or HTTP / HTTPS application.

Cloud Trace Service

View your operations log on cloud service resources

Cloud Trace Service is a feature of Flexible Engine that allows complete management of trackers and logs. This allows you to fully track a log in real time and store its recording.


Isolation of resources

User Administration for IAM Experts

Cloud Flexible Engine Engine Identification and Authentication Services management provides secure access to resources and adjusts them to your needs. An administrative interface makes it easy to manage profile data and user rights.

DDoS protection

Face denial of service attacks

In addition to infrastructure-specific DDOS protection, you can define rules for your environment, protecting your public IP addresses. The Anti-DDOS is configured by the user himself and checks the incoming access to all his services. Within three seconds, malicious requests are rejected and the service remains available.


Because security is fundamental and at the heart of its services

The Flexible Engine infrastructure security architecture is part of several certification processes such as the ANSSI SecNumCloud repository, the ISO27001 certification of its infrastructure services and the hosting of health data (HDS ASIP Santé) as as an authorized third party provider.