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About Us

Copernicus is a European Union initiative to provide free and open access to near-real-time data, models and forecasts about our planet, based on data collected by a family of dedicated satellites coupled with in-situ observations. 
Earth Observation data is key to help monitor our environment, manage global security aspects and create new solutions. Sobloo was established to support the Copernicus programme by making data freely available to to all users and non-discriminatory, through a cloud computing architecture.


A highly experienced consortium led by Airbus AND Orange

Thanks to a long-standing relationship with European institutions, Airbus is well positioned to support the development of the Earth Observation ecosystem. Airbus is able to bring together the most relevant stakeholders in order to build the best possible customer-oriented environment, in line with the European institution’s requirements.

Our consortium is committed to and investing in Copernicus sobloo in order to develop and provide a “one-stop-shop” access to all Copernicus data and value-added services. 

The cloud resources made available by Orange will enable scientists, businesses and entrepreneurs to harness the power of the cloud to thrive in building new business models and develop software and applications based on Earth Observation Data.

All this, whilst benefitting from our unique Earth Observation expertise and Copernicus in particular, thanks to our customer-oriented teams combining technical and strategic skills in Earth observation.

The consortium further benefits from the high level of business expertise of CLS (a CNES subsidiary), Capgemini for its technical operations and VITO with its scientific community continuously providing innovative solutions.

Sobloo was created with the aspiration to improve data access and facilitate data sharing between the companies on the market, including cross-fertilization.

Sobloo provides you an access to a development environment offering both the simplicity and the performance of today’s cloud technologies. 

Finally, sobloo’s easy-to-use marketplace provides high visibility for your solutions.


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