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Data Availability

Data catalogue

  • The early version of sobloo in June 2018 provides access to the following data collections:
    • Sentinel-1: L0, L1 GRD*, L1 SLC* and L2 OCN* products
    • Sentinel-2: L1C products
    • Sentinel-3 (from ESA): OLCI* L1, SLSTR* L1, STM/SRAL* L2 Land, OLCI L2 and SLSTR L2 Land
    • Sentinel-3 (from Eumetsat): STM/SRAL L2 Water and SLSTR L2 Water
  • The period of time covered by these collections will be enriched on the fly with full availability in September.
  • Other Sentinel products (such as Sentinel-3 Synergy L2, Sentinel-5p L1B and L2) will be added when becoming available.
  • All CMEMS (Marine) and CLMS (Land) collections will be added to the sobloo catalogue in July.
*Legend: GRD = Ground Range Detected; SLC = Single Look Complex; OCN = Ocean; OLCI = Ocean and Land Colour Instrument; SLSTR = Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer; STM/SRAL = Surface Topography Mission / SAR Radar Altimeter; L0/L1/L1B/L1C/L2 is the level of processing of the products


Data local storage

  • In addition, Sentinel-2 data is stored into the sobloo local servers to provide you with faster access and a seamless zoom up to full resolution.
  • In the early version of sobloo in June 2018, the sobloo platform stores the data published after the 1st of April 2018 while the full resolution is only available for the data after the 13th of June 2018.
  • In September 2018, all these capabilities for all Sentinel-2 data will be available from the very beginning of the Sentinel 2 mission.


Stay tuned!

Much more is coming! Fast access and seamless viewing for Sentinel-1 L1 GRD, CEMS - Emergency, CAMS - Atmosphere, C3S - Climate Change products and other exciting data collections...