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Our sobloo Offer

Our offer is designed for you to make the most out of sobloo

We have designed the sobloo platform to suit all types of users because we are all unique in the way we browse, develop and create… the sobloo offer follows the same lines…

  • Core functions included for everyone sobloo is an open geospatial community
  • No surprises with prices
  • Subscription can be scaled-up while your business or your project grow
  • Offer fit for every sobloo user profiles


Our offer is structured around Accounts and Packs:


We have defined an Early Adoption programme until the end of September 2018 for all customers to have the chance to test out the sobloo enhanced offer as early as June 2018.

Please contact us to be part of the Early Adoption programme and benefit from a discount on the packs prices mentioned below.



Choose the account that’s best for you


Get started for free with all core functions included

  • Access and download free Copernicus content*
  • Basic helpdesk through on-line ticketing system
  • Free APIs access
  • Technical documentation and tutorials for APIs
  • commercial data and services (Business APIs available*) on-demand payed upon usage

*Total available bandwith: 3 Gbits/s


Benefit from standard core functions and advanced features

Monthly fee per user

  • High performance download
    • up to 1 TB/month and more on-demand
    • High performance throughput (3 Gbits/s dedicated bandwidth)
    • Automatic capacity
  • Advanced helpdesk through ticketing system with response time within 24 hours during working days working hours with chat and messaging


Choose the best plan for your Business

Once you have selected your account, choose the pack that matches your user profile and pay as your business grows


Available for free. Best fit for end users

  • Explore available APIs and related documentation
  • Test the free Data Access APIs in your own environment
  • Visit the marketplace and discover available services and tools
  • sobloo data catalogue: 
    • Explore available collections and download Copernicus data and information for free
    • Generate and manage your customized datasets on the data 


*comes automatically with the standard account



€ 270 / month (excl. tax)


2 VM flavor xen (4 vCPU, 4 Gb RAM)

Volume Block StorageSSD (GB)0
 SATA (GB)100
Object Storage(GB)250
Outgoing Traffic(GB)50

€ 660 / month (excl. tax)


5 VM flavor xen (4 vCPU, 4 Gb RAM)

Volume Block StorageSSD (GB)0
 SATA (GB)200
Object Storage(GB)500
Outgoing Traffic(GB)75

€ 900 / month (excl. tax)


8 VM flavor xen (4 vCPU, 8 Gb RAM)

Volume Block StorageSSD (GB)0
 SATA (GB)300
Object Storage(GB)1000
Outgoing Traffic(GB)100

 € 1515 / month (excl. tax)



4 VM flavor kvm (8 vCPU, 32 Gb RAM)

Volume Block StorageSSD (GB)50
 SATA (GB)100
Object Storage(GB)250
Outgoing Traffic(GB)50

€ 3025 / month (excl. tax)


8 VM flavor kvm (8 vCPU, 32 Gb RAM)

Volume Block StorageSSD (GB)100
 SATA (GB)200
Object Storage(GB)500
Outgoing Traffic(GB)75

€ 6045 / month (excl. tax)


16 VM flavor kvm (8 vCPU, 32 Gb RAM)

Volume Block StorageSSD (GB)200
 SATA (GB)300
Object Storage(GB)1000
Outgoing Traffic(GB)100

Need more?

Your choice of VMs, object storage capacity…

From 270 € / month (excl. tax)

Discount pricing applies on longer subscriptions



Three levels built for scale based on increasing the number of VMs, object storage capacity and Internet bandwidth

Booster: bespoke, your choice of storage capacity, computing power…

+ Access to optional services for all packs


“A la carte” business services


Let’s talk!

Work with us to customise your plan tailored for your business:

  • Storage for end-users on demand 
  • Billing and rating as a service
  • KPI on economic activity

Optional Services

Boost Business Benefits: a large choice of optional services and tools to help you build your apps

Available with all packs as an option

Cloud services

Boost your environment!

Manage and adapt your virtual infrastructure with our à la carte offerings (for detailed informations, please find the pdf on the following link) 

  • Elastic Cloud Server – Compute: On demand Virtual Machines (with various computing  powers)
  • Bare Metal: A dedicated physical server
  • Dedicated cloud: A dedicated cloud server
  • Storage: Permanent and automatically adjustable virtual storage
  • Network: Multiple network possibilities to secure your applications and optimize flows between your different infrastructures.
  • OS Licences for ECS: SUSE Entreprise Linux SLES Basic and RedHat OS image
Download the documentation

Backend services

Services for the development and deployment to help you build the backend you need for your app


  • Kubernetes (K8S) is an open source container cluster manager used to deploy, scale and operate applications across a number of host computers. 

  • Kubernetes provides an API and primitives for managing those applications and their associated resources.



  • Web-based UI for you to manage Kubernetes applications packaged. Allows you to search and discover available charts from multiple repositories, and install them in your cluster with one click.
  • Gives access to more than 150 deployable programmes

Managed Services

Only the best Services, managed for you

We help you to focus on what will add value on your work.

  • Manage OS (per ECS*): The selected OS (Microsoft or Linux) are managed by Orange. The service provides complete management of its operating system, including server-related tasks.
  • Manage Web Server: Web server management
  • Manage Application Server: Application server management
  • Manage Database: The service provides customers with complete management of its database(s), including server-related tasks, and optimization and upgrade activities.
  • Manage Directory (per server): Directory Managed Services
  • Manage File Services (per server): File server management

*Elastic Cloud Server

Download the documentation

Professional services

A set of tailored Professional Services to support businesses and institutions make the most out of sobloo and accelerate the development of value

Support, training, consultancy from sobloo experts

  • Technical & Thematic Support on the Catalogue 
    • For Datasets, APIs and Tools
  • Data Expertise & Consultancy
    • For the Development of Applications, Algorithms, etc. 
  • B2B Solutioning
    • Business Case Support,  End-User Solutions design
  • Promotion Activities
    • Communication, Advocacy, Marketing
  • Data collections management
    • Manage and promote your assets
  • Cloud expert services
    • With the aim of offering specialized technical assistance in various areas of sewing.
  • Design & transition – migration services
    • Design and validate the target cloud architecture that will host your applications and Support end-to-end application migration
  • IT Audit
    • Assess your cloud maturity, your ability to adopt and integrate new services transformation roadmap to the cloud for your organization
  • Cloud readiness assessment
    • Build a customized cloud transformation roadmap for your organization
  • Data assessment
    • Consultancy and audits on awareness and compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection and Regulation)
Download the documentation