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Storage solutions for all your storage needs at different levels of performance.

  • Object storage (OBS)
  • Block Storage (EVS)
  • Backup and restore (VBS)
  • Scalable File Service (SFS)
  • Local storage

Object Storage Service

High Capacity storage of large data sets

  • The Object Storage Service is particularly suitable to Multi-Media, Video, Backup, Archive and File storage use cases, as well as for performant Data sharing. Its cost is significantly lower than classical storage. Data is accessible from the internet (through APIs REST compatible with Amazon Simple Storage S3). Users do not need to reserve the volume capacity and are only charged for the volume of files used really used and for the exact duration of its usage.
  • Three classes of storage are available based on the need to access frequently the data: Standard, Warm and Cold.

Elastic Volume Service 

Virtual hard disks for Elastic Cloud Service

The Elastic Cloud Servers provides block storage designed for fast access to data. Users define the required size as the system remains flexible. Performances of block storage are offered to meet different input/output speeds : standards are based on SATA and high-performance ones on SSD. Up to 32 TB data are stored on a virtual hard disk. The Elastic Virtual Volume Service is charged on pay per use.

Volume Backup Service

Hard-disk based Backup Service

The Volume Backup Service offers a hard-disk based backup service with high availability to quickly restore lost data. Automatic backups can be scheduled on virtual machine to prevent data loss. The system does incremental backups to optimize the size and speed of storage. Data are persistent in the cloud itself with redundancy for offering maximum security and persistence.