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In an increasingly complex economic and environmental context, the agricultural sector has to produce crops in an ever more effective and sustainable way, without compromising on biodiversity.

Blue Economy

Our data and in particular the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) provide useful information on the physical state, variability and dynamics of the ocean and marine ecosystems.


Transport represents an important part of the World’s economy. Be it the carriage of goods  or passenger travel, it’s a matter of attention for industries, government and local authorities.


The quality of the Environment, both natural and man-made, has a direct impact on tourism.


The status and any changes in the environment have a direct impact on our health. In extreme cases, strong variations in the environment can affect life expectancy or at least play a role when it comes to an increase in (or spreading of) diseases / epidemics.

Insurance & Disaster Management

The impact of natural disasters such as flooding, forest fires, storms and earthquakes can be reduced through effective hazard management and mitigation. It is necessary to develop prediction models, monitor facilities and draft regulations & contingency plans.

Security & Defence

The usability of Earth observation imagery to detect, identify and track human activities and objects is a well-known application for border security and the defence domain at large.


An integrated management of natural and planned forests can be achieved using Earth observation imagery. Our solutions meet forestry mapping and detection needs, at large scale or down to parcel level.

Energy & Natural Resources

Whether coming from wind, sun, hydrology or biomass - renewable energy will significantly grow in the next decades.

Climate Change & Environment

Knowledge about the state of the environment, and climate change in particular, is essential in order to establish and enforce mitigation policies as well as to react in disaster situations.

Urban Planning

In the context of an increasing urban pressure, with more than a quarter of the Europe’s land area covered by built-up areas, the management of city expansion is a key component of any sustainable development policy.

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Irbe Strait , Estonia, Latvia


Irbe Strait constitutes over 27 km, the main exit from the Gulf of Riga to the Baltic Sea, between the Sõrve peninsula in Estonia and the Courland peninsula in Latvia.

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Zhinvali Dam, Georgia


The Zhinvali Reservoir is an artificial water lake created by a hydroelectric dam built in 1986 in eastern Georgia to supply electricity to the capital Tbilisi.

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